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Joe Massey's Owners Advantage Program

By now you've seen what happens out there when people treat their mortgage like a commodity.  People went out chasing around for what appears to be the lowest rate or the lowest cost without getting good advice on their new mortgage.  Due to that mindset we now see that the headlines are full of people that have run into problems with their mortgage because they didn't work with a professional and they didn't get great advice.  I'm going to do things a little differently.... Of course I'm going to be competitive with our rates and terms, but more important than that I'm going to help you with the right strategy and the right advice for your home financing transaction.  This is why I have developed the Owners Advantage Program.

It is my goal to make sure you understand the home refinancing process from beginning to end.  I developed this program to counsel my homeowners through the entire process and help you make an informed decision about you home and your mortgage.  The Owners Advantage Program is designed to make the refinancing process a smooth, pleasant and memorable experience that you will tell all of your friends, family and colleagues about.  To get started just follow these 3 simple steps:

1 - Click Here to Review the Owners Advantage Program

2 - Click Here and Print Off the Items Needed Checklist

3 - Click Here to Fill Out the Easy Online Application

If you have questions, simply call me at 303-809-7769 or e-mail me at 


In addition to the Owners Advantage Program, I also want you to have access to important pamphlets, tips and brochures to help you learn about the terminology, programs and details of your transation.  See below for all the tools that you need to start learning about this process:

Credit Scoring Pamhplet

Appraisal Information

What is Title Insurance?


Mortgage Payment Estimator

This is a great tool to give you a quick idea about your potential payments.  Keep in mind that this DOES NOT factor in your taxes, insurance, HOA dues or other possible payment factors.  Use this as a general guide and call me at 303-809-7769 or email to find out the specifics about payments, rates and terms that you qualify for.  

Dedicated to making sure you have a great refinancing experience!

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